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Discord account linking
« on: March 21, 2020, 04:09:52 pm »
Hello, we recently brought you a new platform to chat in-game. To speak from Discord, your account needs to be linked with the PTP one:

1. Connect to PTP Discord server.
2. After joining the #plab_echo channel, send a private message to PBBot with a !verify command.

3. You will receive a token and an address to the Control Panel to finish linking the profiles.

You can either click on the CP address or copy the token:

  • After clicking on the received URL, you will have to log in to the PTP game account. After it is done, you will see the confirmation of linking both accounts.

  • The second way of linking the profiles is manually copying and pasting the token. To do that, click on 'Linked Accounts' in the settings list of the Control Panel (top right menu).

    Paste the token received from PBBot.

    You should receive a confirmation of linking both game and Discord accounts.

After that, you will be able to speak in-game via the !say command.

Please, remember to follow the Discord Rules while using the channel.