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I know at first the idea to add RPG might sound bad but if you think about it , it could change the gameplay of the server making it more interesting

How it should work :-
RPGs should be in hidden areas in each map and it should have only 5 rockets at most also it should be a pickup thats if it got picked up by someone it disappears for everyone for 5 minutes to avoid getting abused.

Ye good idea

i agree as long as i dont get busted too much by it

Yes, add RPGs so everyone can abuse them, as soon as one person finds out the whole server does this isnt some freeroam bullshit, -1 and stop this bullshit thanks.

Atleast we should try once. Maybe some other arrangements could be made with some conditions like
1.Only registered players with min. 50-70hrs of gameplay will be qualified to get that weapon since it's abuse is possible .
2. Like nades it's should be available as pickup with 2 just 2 ammo with cooldown of 5 minutes.
3. Should be placed far away from each spawn .
4. RPG spawn should be randomised btw 2-3 locations and it shouldn't be marked on map , so players seeking RPG have a hard time finding it (lowing the cost benefit factor)

For starting these conditions are enough .Later conditions can be increased or decreased as gameplay requires .


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