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Title: Pako
Post by: Srex_Zangetsu on December 04, 2019, 04:15:47 pm
Players' name: Pako

Date it occurred: 2.12.2019.

Reason for the report (Go into more detail about what they did): not following duty as security
I urge you to ban him.Such his behaviour is really infuriating.I do not care if the player count is low,he has been doing what he knew he shouldn't have,ban him.Also,I'm highly suspicious of his player "skills",but I won't bring that up because I do not possess proof(s).Still,I wish you ban him once and for all.Not just because I requested that,but because he knowingly was breaking the rule and chasing me where in the president was obviously pretty far away,as you can see on the map in the video.So,do something,as administrators of this server,don't just ' look through everyone's fingers '.The "law" is the law,nonetheless if there are 2 people on the server or 102.

Any screenshots or videos that go along with the report:
Pay attention to where the president is,and what Pako is doing instead of rushing to their aid.
Title: Re: Report
Post by: Altus_Demens on December 04, 2019, 08:47:06 pm
So many loud words and so little proof.

What exactly do we see in this video? The president is nearby; you are literally between Pako and the president. He manages to take you down in 15 seconds after a lucky shot which almost kills you, while, according to your minimap, the president is within walking distance. Isn't it a part of the duty?

You uploaded only a short fragment of the video. What happened before? Did Pako start to fight and chase you, ignoring everyone and everything else? That's unclear. If you've got anything to add or show, do it, please.
Title: Re: Pako
Post by: Pako on December 05, 2019, 12:22:17 am
Hola Srex, thank you for reporting me. You made my day.
Let's start. As you can see the player that has the top score in that round it's me, it's possible to have score staying  far away of the president? The answer is NO. Secondly you were there with other terrorist in the cop spawn, the other terrorists died and the president went in heli to Madd Dogg 's interior so they left me there and I killed you. And talking about my "skills" yes I accept that I use aimbot so admins please ban me for killing him when he was climbing a wall( it's more easy kill a player when he is climbing lol).

If you want I can upload one day a gameplay.

EDIT: I was checking the video again and I can see that I got 2 score for killing you, that's not part of the duty Srez?
Title: Re: Pako
Post by: Srex_Zangetsu on December 05, 2019, 07:16:27 pm
So what?That doesn't let you go chasing me around instead of escorting the president.And you clearly had the intent on killing me nevertheless that the president has already left the place and was in danger.
I'm not talking about you killing me there,your overall play is suspicious.I'm not a duelist by nature,so sure,you'd win mostly,but your playing is ridiculous.
And like I said,I'm not bringing that up.I'm bringing up your targeting me,instead of doing your duty.Now get banned,Pacunt.

And you shut up too,Altus.I request another admin inspect this.
No,president wasn't withing our vicinity.He took off,then i started chasing eventually,around those buildings.Then Pako was chasing me,with a clear intent of taking the kill instead of being nearby the president.Basically,he took a detour when he noticed me.If that is allowed,then never ever let anyone tell me or any other security member to follow duty since I can,as seen,defend the president on the other side of the city.He was not police.His task wasn't to hunt me or anyone down,but to defend the president from point blank position.He wasn't doing that.He was playing "cat & mouse" with me.Even if it's a short video,it is obvious,by the size of presidential marker on the map,that the president was long gone.If it were bigger,that would have been the walking distance.If you're such a pro at this game,you should know at least that much.
Title: Re: Pako
Post by: Carg on December 05, 2019, 08:31:16 pm
Srex you can't just report someone and tell the admin handling the appeal to shut up. And by the way watch your tongue on the forums.

It's pretty clear that the president is in Pako's radius, but even if he was not, you can see yourself Pako lost some armour. It could be you who shot him, it could be someone else, we don't know what was the real picture before you started recording, therefore we can't punish just from what you gave us as evidence.

If you want to report someone for using aimbot/no recoil it's better to make a private report to some admin, if the report in fact shows suspicious activity the admin whom received the report will make sure to notify the other admins, if needed and investigate.

We don't offer admin request services here. Altus's decision will be final and I fully support it.

P.S: if you don't like how level 4s are handling the reports you can always report us to level 5s, although I highly doubt you will  prove anything with this.
Title: Re: Pako
Post by: Altus_Demens on December 05, 2019, 09:03:39 pm
Srex, I left this topic opened only to let you post more proofs (primarily, full version of that video). You decided to keep flaming instead; you are going to be warned for this.

A short video is not enough to determine if duty was being followed or not. The duty of securities is to protect the president from any direct threats. If a security heads to the airport to reach flying president, if they go to refill their armour, if they defend themselves after being attacked without being able to avoid the fight - those actions fit to "doing their best to protect". Camping at armour, hunting down terrorists or mindlessly wandering around the map does not. It's still unclear what preceeded your fight with Pako, but his decision to finish you after such a lucky shot when the president is nearby (look at the yellow triangle again, especially at the end of the video) is logical.

Assumptions are not a reason to punish people. Our server is not a concentration camp. Thus, no action will be taken against Pako.