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Off Topic / Re: Discussion
« Last post by cobby on Today at 07:12:46 am »
Lol . Lets see where this goes.
Bug reports / Re: Advanced level bug
« Last post by Dr.Specifer on Today at 06:03:59 am »
Well you always do spectate others hydra ? We need to know if it occurs only with you or also with others , so that they isolated the origin of the problem . But first of all could you say what were you doing before that and how did you get into first person view of contigows before the video in detail please ?

A similar situation arises to another player long ago @here
Bug reports / Re: Advanced level bug
« Last post by Singh on Today at 03:46:34 am »
You might have stolen contigos's hydra while he was afk.
No, this Bug occurs many times in particular NSA map where hydras are available.I also reported this to sumit and he told to delete cleo folder and i did but this bug still arising.
Just Help out of this bug,its impossible to play game in NSA   with this SHIT bug, i just spectate to other player's hydra even tho i am not an admin.
General Discussion / Re: PTP Screenshots & Videos
« Last post by Aksel on Today at 03:27:22 am »

Off Topic / Re: Pako
« Last post by CaniS_MajoriS on Yesterday at 10:31:19 pm »
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