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« on: May 10, 2019, 12:56:07 pm »
                             Baas Are Awesome!!

The clan was founded by fish_sheep and cobby.Originally made by fish_sheep the leader of pb too.Baa clan was found on 10 May 2019.Thank you!

Baa Tag: Baa_[Your_Name] or [Your_Name]_Baa. This is another tag for Baa [Baa] 8)

Baa clan requires skills and strategy that only some people are filled with.

If you want to join you must have the following skills:

1. You must have aiming skills.

2. You must have knowledge about PTP.


Some rules you must follow in order to join the club/clan:

1. You must follow all rules of the server.

2. You must help other clan members in every situation.

3. You will have to be teams with these clans: pb , pWn , pA , PoPoT

4. After getting accepted in this clan You must add Baa_ before or after your name.


The Baa Clan is alliance with:

pWn , pA , PB , and PoPoT




                                          None right now as this is a new clan   


                                                                        To Join:

To join this clan,
Fill the application/form below and PM it to cobby or me fish sheep

Your real name :

Your Country :

Your Real Age :

Your Gender :

Your in-game name :

Your old in-game nick names that you used :

Your previously joined/left clans:

And Why did you left them? :

                                                               ~Apply Now~


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