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[GSW] Golden State Warriors
« on: December 08, 2019, 05:55:08 pm »

Best clan ever. Our clan is BROTHERHOOD, mainly from Security members in PTP. But we can also go Terros or Civilians. We have each other's back and fun.



[GSW]Srex_Zangetsu (Founder)
[GSW]Contigos (Chief Air Transmissions)
[GSW]El_Cejota (Co-Founder)
[GSW]YoMatatan (Co-Founder)

[GSW]Aragorn (Founder) (Banned by altus_dickens)

[GSW]Saruman (Founder) (Left, motivation: Thank you for good time, I got ban from Mia due to impersonating admin. Well having no regrets, I leave the server. Forgiving to everyone and apologising if something was wrong. Thanks mostly brothers Contigos, Srex, YoMatatan, Cejota for all fun here! Good luck!)

Our Fun time:

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