Author Topic: [Abuse]Cobra[PPLV]  (Read 4353 times)

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« on: January 12, 2017, 11:47:48 pm »
Players' name: Cobra[PPLV]
Date it occured: 12/01/17 4:30 pm
Reason for the report (Go into more detail about what they did): I was told all admins have to follow same rules, Then cobra should not kick for not reloading and making his own rules so i guess it's abuse, anyways hes gonna shield behind adminship/team but i'm gonna report here anyway, skipping Reload anim out of duel area is allowed not stated in /rules

Any screenshots or videos that go along with the report:

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Re: [Abuse]Cobra[PPLV]
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2017, 12:32:40 pm »
You should thanks me for not banning you. Instead of it, you coming here to report me for an abuse.. Atleast thanks to god that you didn't waste my time ingame.

Now you trying to show me like as I kicked you for "not reloading out of duel area"??? Well that's awesome another fake report, didn't surprise me even a little. Let's check them:

- You are the one who is master of bugs. (c-bug, 2shot, another weapon bugs, etc..) You know them very well.
- You and your latino friends were security to protect your fella KillerNazi(president).
- You, me and all of us who in the screenshots were around armor spawn when there was a huge fight happening.
- When your fellas was about to die, you just skipped the reload sawns to kill fast and bug abused.
- Thanks for posting your own rule breaking proof: (killed Barto[PPLV] with 2-shot animation skipping bug.)

No bug abusing
- C-bugging, Slide-bugging and 2-shooting with Sawn Off shotgun is not allowed. These are the only bugs we will punish for. In    duels all bugs are allowed. | Glitching into textures is forbidden | Bugging into classes is forbidden | "Ninja jacking" is                forbidden

I got enough of your fake reports. Now you showing me like I banned you for "no reload" but as I said there clearly:

You knew what you have done there exactly: You just bug abused in front of our eyes. You asked me for the kick and I said "U didn't reload your sawns". That simply means 2-shot. But you tried to show me like I abused with "no reload kick"... Then you said "I didn't 2 shot", but me and everyone in that zone knows that you did it. Sadly most of them are your latino fellas.
I knew you were going to waste my time by talking about this kick was abuse and deniying that you did 2-shot bug abuse with sawns. So I just told u to report me here.

Kids be like Ahmed nowadays... Deny what you have done, make fake reports, disrespect more...
Natzuk, you know what? I should think again on your bug abuse and keep your past in old PTP to decide again. Well, I wasn't fair enough then.

Banned, thanks for reporting yourself!

Edit: Decided to remove your ban for to avoid heavy punishments, will let the system handle for 2-shoot and kind of bugs.
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Re: [Abuse]Cobra[PPLV]
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2017, 04:00:11 pm »
I've looked at the logs, and the system did report Natzuk for 2-shooting. But that's where it should have stopped. We have this system for a reason, and there shouldn't have been a kick, and certainly not a ban, on top of it. The system is there to prevent 2-shooting, and punishes immediately through a dialog message, which freezes you and thus takes away the advantage of 2-shooting. In Natzuks case, it was the first warning (warnings get reset every time you join the game), and the first warning doesn't have an auto-punishment included (we do this because it might always be a bug, or it might happen by accident, so the warnings start at level 2). But again, that's where it should have ended. If we start punishing people because of the advantage they might have had at the moment, or the history of the player, then we should, to keep it fair to everyone, investigate each 2-shooting report we get, and determine for each report if the player didn't get too much of an advantage, and check his history and determine a punishment based on that. But I don't think we should be evolving to that kind of system.

I've had a talk with Cobra, the ban has been lifted and there won't be any more punishments on top of the existing system. Sorry for the inconvenience.