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Ingame Rules
« on: August 18, 2016, 01:28:15 am »
Last updated: 4th of January 2022
Ingame Rules

• No hacking / cheating
- It is not allowed to have any kind of programs, modifications or scripts that give you an advantage over other players. Client sided mods that do not give you or any other player an advantage are allowed. Essentially, visual mods that only affect the game aesthetically are allowed and all of the others are not.
- Note: crashes.asi is not allowed (more information here)
- More information on which mods are allowed can be found here

• No bug abusing A video[1] if you are unfamiliar with the bugs mentioned below
- Weapon bugs that are allowed: 4 shooting, avoiding reload and normal shotgun animation skipping. Weapon bugs that are not allowed: C-bug, minor c-bug (Desert Eagle only), 2 shooting and slide bug. These are the only bugs we will punish for. In duels all bugs are allowed. Glitching into textures, bugging into classes, and 'ninja jacking' are also forbidden.

• No death evasion
- Quitting or using animation cancelling commands such as /sync or /dance to avoid death will result in punishment. Note, using /kill is not seen as death evasion as the player still dies. Also note that a clone/actor spawns upon a player re-classing or quitting if they are not in a spawnzone. You will be able to kill the clone/actor and gain score as if it was the real player.

• No statistic boosting
- Coordinated attempts at increasing your number of kills or your score will result in punishment.

• No evading jail or mutes
- Evading jail or mutes will result in you being jailed or muted again, for a longer period of time, when you re-join the game. Constantly evading jail will eventually result in a ban whilst constantly evading a mute will result in a permanent mute.

• No teamshooting or spawnkilling
- Use /colours & /duty ingame, to understand which teams are friendly. Do not block or stun your own teammates so a member of the opposing team can kill them. Blocking includes, but is not limited to, using spray on your teammate or locking in them in your chainsaw.
- Surfing on the vehicle of an opposing team member (non civilian) is not allowed unless you are attacking them. Helping a civilian escape, by allowing them to surf on your vehicle, that is actively engaged in a fight with a member from your team is not allowed. Note, actively engaged means the civilian is attacking the other player.
- Once you lose your spawn protection, you can be killed inside or outside your spawn as the spawn zone is not a safe zone. No damage can be done to players inside the spawn zone who have spawn protection.
- Intentionally removing or trying to remove a player from their spawn, causing them to lose their spawn protection, will be treated as spawnkilling and be punished accordingly.
- Leaking teamchat information to anyone who is not on the same side as you, a protector or defender, is considered as teamblocking and will result in punishment.

• Do not cover ban evaders
- If you know a player is ban evading and you purposely don't tell a mod, administrator or head administrator, you will be punished.

• Do not force the map to change
- You are not allowed to force the current map to change by quitting, using /kill or forcing a crash. Note, this rule only applies to the president and vice president classes.

• Name changes
- You are only allowed to change your name once every 28 days. The only exception to this rule is for adding/removing official clan tags.

• No nickname faking
- Do not fake other players' nicknames. Adding the clan tag of a clan, which you are not a part of, is also not allowed. Note, if a clan does not appear in the clan page then it is not seem as official and players won't be asked to change their name if they use that tag.

• No registering a clan/club tag that is already in use
- You cannot force people to remove a tag if they are using and the clan is not official. The majority, 90%, of people wearing a tag, before it is made an official clan/club, must agree to the clan/club becoming official. Clan topics will be removed if this condition is not met and anyone will be able to add the tag.

• No account sharing
- You are not allowed to share your account with another player in the server. The player(s) caught using the shared account will be banned along side the account's owner. You are also not allowed to transfer your account to another player if you no longer need it, everyone should only use their own account.

• No /q jokes
- Telling a player to use /q for anything other than quitting the game will be punished.

• No spamming or flooding
- Continually sending the same message or similar variations of that message over a short period of time will be seen as spamming and will result in a mute.
- Sending lots of messages, no matter the content, over a short period of time will be seen as flooding and will also result in a mute.
- If you continue to spam or flood the chat, you will eventually be permanently muted.

• The protecting classes are not allowed to jack the president
- All other classes are free to do so.
- An exception to this rule is if your jacking results in saving the president from immediate danger.

• No advertising other servers
- Intentionally advertising servers and/or content that links to another server is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, SAMP or Discord servers. For example, posting the invite link to another Discord server is not allowed but a YouTube video showing the gameplay of another SAMP server is allowed. Discussing other servers and/or content from those servers is allowed. If you wish to post something and you’re unsure about whether it falls under advertising, please contact an admin before posting it and they will be able to assist you.

• Securities must follow their duty
- This means they should protect the president to the best of their ability. If the president asks them to stay in a certain location and they follow those orders, they are still doing their duty. If a security is attacked by an attacker, they are allowed to fight back to defend themselves.

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