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Discord / IRC Rules
« on: September 17, 2017, 04:34:57 pm »
Discord and IRC Rules

• No spamming
- It is not allowed to send more than 5 messages in less than 3 seconds. Do not resend the same message without changing it's content first.
• No nick faking
- You are not allowed to use an original or a similar nickname to any registered player or bot.
• No game interference
- Do not use IRC to leak information that will affect gameplay. This includes, but is not limited to, sharing the President's plans from his teamchat.
• No /q jokes
- It is strictly forbidden to joke with the /q command in reference both to the game and to the IRC channel.
• No punishment avoiding
- After getting blocked from one of the channels, do not try to change your account, nickname or IP to gain a possibility of coming back there. Every action of this nature will result in a permanent blockade from all of Plan B's channels.
• Do not cover ban evaders
- Every player who has a knowledge about the real identity of a ban evading person is obligated to notify the staff team. If it happens so, that you know such a person and you don't report him - you're as guilty as them and you will be punished.
• No advertising
- Do not boost other SA:MP servers.
• No adult or offensive content
- It is forbidden to share links directing to videos, pictures or any other material containing sadism, pornography, animal cruelty, violence, terrorism, death etc.

The above rules apply to every of Plan B's official Discord and IRC channel listed in the server information section and become effective immediately after their publication.
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