Author Topic: "Is this mod allowed?" and other mod-related questions for staff and players  (Read 1995 times)

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Can we move this topic to it's own board? Or atleast to as General Discussion's Pinned Topic I am a forum lurker but even I missed it. Its on the information board which people wont actually bother with (90% modders would be casuals or people who wont care about detail board) and is not even pinned. It will get buried if some other topic gets commented on.

Modding is a broad topic, if we can create a allowed mods board. It will help compiling info on allowed mods and whats wrong with them better and half of it will be entirely user requested and inputted, such as the information of the mod and files. Virus will lead to limited ban on boards and pretty sure there are anti-virus and monitoring programs already and checks from reputable sites.

Not only that, if we get enough traction, we can even ask the modder to modify the files to fit server needs. Hell LSRP  didnt allow SilentPatch cuz it showed weapons through window panes (bug fix), and after demand and being made aware of it Silent himself fixed it.

Some kind of Minor Mod Support would not only be good for our server but also help blacklisting the wrong ones.

And we a simple rule like "Only mods allowed in the X section are allowed in game"

Hell,the FPS mod has a broken shooting bug that probably everyone might actually abuse(ofc wont say it here), but its overall a tame mod.

That being said is this allowed? The AdvancedTrackPlayer Mod that lets you play a custom radio anywhere and anytime, even on foot.

I just use some generic eurobeat, techno,electric songs I stumble across.

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