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Protect the President Las Venturas Clan - [PPLV]
« on: August 10, 2016, 02:50:11 pm »

He is the brain power of the PPLV. He is great on flying objects. And good at driving helicopters, he loves flying hydra. He is playing in PTP since 2006 and he was admin for almost 10 years long.

He is a stunter. He is awsome on bikes. His best tool is M4. He survives when he president. He is VIP in PTP server.

He is very good stunter and he is using M4 like as his natural part. Also he was on /topkills for a long time. Like a killing machine. His name was HasmA[PPLV].

Mature player abd he's one of the best Uzi players in PTP server, he doesn't miss any shoot.

He is PTP's best playboy.He has one of the best UZI/Sniper skills on the server.He's an insane dueler.   

He's a very good player,probably the best helikiller in PTP.He's like an Eagle in air.

He is very good on civillian class. He is using flying vehicles as professional. He is VIP in PTP server.

He is usually very calm but if someone cuts his way, he turns into a storm. He is unbeatable when using combination of Deagle and Sniper.   

He is very calm guy. He is elite shooter with sniper and mostly likes to play in civil class. Surely you don't wanna mess with him as he will take you down instantly and you will never know it.

He is best at driving infernus, good at flying vehicles and very calm guy.

He was one of the first players in PPLV. He plays with a good performance and he doesn't talk so much but he knows the duties of teams.

He is always willing to help, you can always count on him.He's a very good terrorist and he always kills the president.

He has great drive-by skills. His on foot skills also unbeatable. A good team player and his killer eyes can spot enemies from far away.

Best president hunter in server. He loves flying with rustler and hydra.

Will be updated soon.   

Will be updated soon.   

He's an insane fighter,very skilled overall with every gun.He's our German assassin.   

He is a very friendly and fun guy,and he's very skilled overall.He's our PPLV hermano!   

He's the perfect overall player and he will never leave you alone. His experiences have led him to be prepared for almost any situation, no matter how abnormal it may be. 

He is one of the old school PTP players.His helicopter skills are amazing.He's very fun to play with.

Will be updated soon. Aka Lukaz[PPLV]

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