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Players: 6/96 (List)
President: None
Map: San Fierro

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Server IP: (6667)
Channel: #PlanB, #PlanB.Echo
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No DJ at the moment


These are our server rules. You must follow them at all times when you are playing on our server. Breaking these rules will result in a punishment, ranging from muting, jailing, kicking to a ban. If any rule is unclear, you can ask your question about it here. If you think any rules should be changed, there's a discussion topic here. Have fun!

  • No hacking / cheating
    • It's is not allowed to have any kind of programs, modifications, scripts, that give you an advantage over other players.
    • Note: crashes.asi is not allowed (more information here)
  • No bug abusing
    • Weapon bugs that are allowed: 4 shooting, avoiding reload and normal shotgun animation skipping.
    • Weapon bugs that are not allowed: C-bug, minor C-bug, 2-shooting and slide bug.
      • These are the only bugs we will punish for. In duels all bugs are allowed.
    • Glitching into textures is forbidden.
    • Bugging into classes is forbidden.
    • "Ninja jacking" is forbidden.
  • No death evasion by any means or ways
    • By /sync, /dance, pausing, quitting or using those commands to help yourself get up after falling.
  • No evading jail / mute
    • Will get you additional minutes re-muted / re-jailed. With continuous evasions - ban.
  • No teamshooting / spawnkilling
    • Use /colours & /duty ingame, to understand which teams are friendly. You are not allowed to help the opposing team in any way. Do not block or stun your own teammates so the other team can kill them.
    • Once you lose your spawn protection, you can be killed inside or outside your spawn as the spawn zone is not a safe zone. No damage can be done to players inside the spawn zone who have spawn protection.
  • No spree fixing deals
    • Fair play, this includes people taking over the president slot to die in the last seconds to keep the map going.
  • Do not cover ban evaders
    • If it happens so, that you know a ban evading person is playing and you don't report him - you're guilty as much as him and will be punished.
  • No map change forcing
    • Not allowed to take president / vice president position, to force a map change by suiciding or quitting, or forcing a crash.
  • No nick faking
    • Do not fake other players' nicknames. Adding the clan tag of a clan, which you are not a part of, is also not allowed.
  • No /q jokes
    • 'Psssst, write /q to get a minigun' - and other variations will be punished.
  • Protecting team is not allowed to jack the president
    • All others are fine with it. It's Grand Theft Auto afterall.
  • No spamming / advertising other servers
    • Advertising other servers will end up in a ban.
  • President and Vice-President cannot be in the same vehicle together
    • Which may cause both to die at a same time and force a map change.
  • Securities must follow their duty
    • They should protect the president to the best of their abilities.