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Players: 16/90 (List)
President: DTruth
Map: North San Andreas

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Server IP: (6667)
Channel: #PlanB, #PlanB.Echo
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No DJ at the moment


Sprees have been removed

12 February 2018 13:47

Hi everyone,

Effective today, the spree system has been removed from PTP. We've taken this decision after numerous complaints and bans for spreefixing during the last couple of months. We're doing this because the spree system, as people are using it now and the way it's evolving, is doing more harm to the gamemode than good. More and more sprees are 'planned' and dominating the gamemode in that way, instead of only being a side objective. Especially picking the president slot, with the only intention to die in the last seconds to keep a spree going, while other players are wasting their time trying to protect or kill him is something we consider damaging to the gamemode and thus want to prevent. There are rules in place to prevent spree fixing, but we noticed that those rules can't completely prevent it as more and more people try to find ways around them. A lot of players aren't aware of that rule, and are just trying to help the ones having a spree without knowing it's not allowed. Also, it's not always possible to prove if someone died 'intentionally' or not as a president, so the rule isn't really efficient anymore. So, all of this taken into account, we decided to remove the spree system.

Holiday update: 1 Dec

1 December 2017 14:42

Hi guys,

Since the holidays are coming up again, we've made some temporary updates to celebrate it. These additions will stay in the game for a month or so. This only goes for the changes listed under 'Holidays', the rest of the changes will stay in.

  • Holidays

    • Christmas decorations added (Thanks to Cobra)

    • Added /holiday lc (Thanks to Cobra)

    • Jetpacks re-enabled

    • Added /santahat

    • Added /radio24 xmas

  • Patched a lot of map and texture glitches (Thanks to Carg)

  • Added air duels (/airduel) (

    • You can now duel with several different airplanes (Rustler, Hydra, Hunter and Seasparrow)

  • Added /vhealth (

    • This command toggles a vehicle health indicator in the top left of your screen.

  • Added /bu (

    • /bu stands for backup. You can only use this command as president and only once every 30 seconds. It will send a message to all cops and security, requesting backup at your location.

  • Added /glasses

    • The president skin lost his glasses in an old SAMP update, you can now add them again with this command.

  • Changed /sync

    • You can now only use /sync when you haven't been damaged in the last 10 seconds. This is to prevent abuse of the command. That also means you can use it when you aren't getting damaged and are stuck, for example when a teammate is sawing you or spraying you.

  • Changed /ignore, /unignore and /ignores to level 0 (unregistered), so unregistered users can use these commands as well now

  • Fixed bug with resetting the spawn protection end timer

  • Fixed bug with using /vskin in duels and keeping the skin afterwards

  • Fixed bug that made your animation change after using the vending machines (

  • Fixed bug which made the labels of actors disappear

Update (6 Dec):
  • To return from /holiday lc, just type the command again and it will respawn you

  • /sync blocking limited to car park, chainsaw and spray damage

Happy holidays!

Update: 19 Oct

19 October 2017 02:58

Hi guys,

It's been a while since I made one of these topics, and we've made a lot of changes in the meanwhile. So, here's an overview of all the changes that happened since the last update topic. Some updates have been in the game for a long time, others have only been added recently.