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Players: 13/96 (List)
President: lloron3007
Map: West Venturas

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Server IP: (6667)
Channel: #PlanB, #PlanB.Echo
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No DJ at the moment


Hi guys,

Since I've been very busy with work lately, and don't have a lot of free time anymore, we're making some changes. We're shifting some level 5 responsibilities to admins, so they can take care of it, instead of having to wait for the level 5s. The following responsibilities can now be handled by admins (level 4):

  • Changing names: they will now be able to change names (as long as you wait a month between namechanges, changing your tag is always allowed).

  • Handling ban appeals: before, level 5s were the only ones that would take ban appeals of people banned by the AC, or people banned by mods. Admins can now handle these ban appeals as well (for bans by mods, they'll still act as a judge and will have to see proof from the mod that banned the player). They can also whitelist people now, so they can help people caught in rangebans.

We hope this will speed up some administrative tasks, and end up in less waiting time for players.

We are also releasing our admin policy ( The goals of this document are the following:

  • Letting players know what to expect from admins/mods (what they can do and cannot do): right now I sometimes see a lot of frustration if a mod doesn't do anything, or mods getting accused of things they can't even do.

  • Defining what we consider abuse and providing the proper ways to report for it

  • Letting players know how we handle their personal information

  • Letting players know how we pick mods/admins and what we base ourselves on

We are asking for your feedback, thoughts and further questions, for example on things you think should still be included, so this isn't a final version yet. Once it's final, we'll integrate it in the website as well. We hope this document clears up a lot on how our staff team operates.

Now, while I might not have as much time anymore, the upside of this is that I do not have to depend on VIP purchases to fund the server anymore. So, we decided to make chainsaws and snipers available to everyone (using /saw and /sniper). We hope that a bit more of a level playing field will attract more people to the server. We will be lowering the price of VIP from 20 to 10 EUR. For the people who would still like to help out and donate, we've set up a Patreon: We chose for this platform as it allows us to be transparent with the donations that are coming in, and it provides a lot of the paying options that were requested before. This is only for donations, this means you will not get anything in return.

As for the ingame updates, here's an overview of what has changed since the last update:
  • Added rewards to /leaderboard  (

    • Rewards for finishing in the leaderboard at the end of the month are the following:

      • 1st place: VIP & Event admin status for 1 month

      • 2nd place: VIP & Event admin status for 2 weeks

      • 3rd place: VIP & Event admin status for 1 week

    • Event admin: ability to organize events (/ecmds)

  • Added trains & trams (Thanks to Altus, Mia and Quido)

  • Added /saw and /sniper for everyone (

  • Added stats on double clicking a name on the player list (TAB) (

  • President won't be kicked for C-bugging (instead, the bullets that were fired too fast won't have any effect, so C-bugging can't be abused) (

  • Expanded /intel (

  • Added radios (/radio24) (

  • Added /holiday timer reset on map change (

  • Added /ecmds

  • Added saving settings for /showscore and /hidescore (

  • Changed minimum racers to 2 (

  • Fixed weapon changing on spawning weapons (

    • This means your weapon will no longer be changed when you spawn a new weapon

  • Fixed anti-jack President bug

  • Fixed animation bug on map end (

  • Fixed RC bugs

  • Fixed /score

  • Fixed anti entry abuse bugs (

  • Map: added helis in RC (

  • IRC: added CP profile link in !stats

  • Forum: added CP button (

UPDATE 19 March:
Adding to the staff changes mentioned here already, we're also promoting 2 new level 5s: Nikola and Quido. They will support us in managing the server. Their responsibilities are listed in the admin policy, so if you need anything from them, feel free to ask!

Update: 28 Dec

28 December 2018 09:17

Hi everyone,

A lot of changes have been made to the script since the last update topic, so this topic contains an overview of it.


Best wishes for 2019!

Crashes.asi is no longer allowed

30 August 2018 14:34

Hi everyone,

We recently received some reports relating to players not taking fall damage. Upon further investigation, we found out that the mod crashes.asi (also known as 'crashfix') was causing this. This mod has a bug due to which players won't receive fall damage in certain cases. From our tests, the bug seemed to happen at random, and there wasn't really a 'trick' you could perform to exploit this bug. So, we've discussed it among admins, and decided to no longer allow the use of this mod, since it could give players an advantage, as proven by the reports we got. We won't actively be looking for it, since we don't have a way to detect if you have it installed or not, but if you do not take fall damage due to this we will simply treat it as health hacking. This rule change goes into effect right now, but we will give people some time to adapt to this, and stick with a warning in the first month, until 30 September 2018. After that, we will treat not taking fall damage due to this mod as health hacking.