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Players: 16/96 (List)
President: YoMatatan
Map: West Venturas

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Server IP: (6667)
Channel: #PlanB, #PlanB.Echo
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Hi guys,

Tonight (Saturday 16 May), we will be launching a new map on Plan B: Turquoise Islands. First of all, I'd like to thank Cobra, for being the driving force behind this and creating the map, and Carg, for setting up the vehicles, spawns and making sure it's ready for PTP. More information about the map is available
here. So, make sure you don't miss the launch tonight: Saturday 16 May at 20:00 CEST (UTC +2):

Now, a short overview of the updates we've done since the last topic.
  • Turquoise Islands

    • With the new map, we've also changed the map rotation system. Simply put, the Turquoise Islands map will replace 50% of the NSA occurences. To explain in a little more detail, the map rotation system works is 'cycles', in which we'll play through all maps in a random order. Once we finished a cycle, a new cycle start, with again all of the maps in a different random order.

      • Example: Cycle 1: RC > SF > LS > WV > NSA > LV > FC.
        Cycle 2: WV > LS > Turquoise Islands > SF > FC > RC > LV.
        All of this is randomized, so there will always be a random chance if NSA or Turquoise Islands will be played in the current cycle (which should add up to a 50/50 chance).

    • Snipers and chainsaws will be disabled on this map. For snipers, we feel that the map is too small, as on some islands you'll have a sight on most players. For chainsaws, they simply didn't work on spawned objects, so they're unusable on this map.

    • Any feedback and issues with the map are welcome in this topic.

  • Discord

    • We added echoing for the Discord server, so everything that's available in IRC, is now also available on Discord. If you want to chat ingame, you will have to get verified:

    • One issue we noticed is that Discord does not allow us to send as many messages as IRC does, so sometimes (when there's a lot of players ingame), the echoing might be delayed.

  • Anti team surfing

    • This is an issue that came up with some recent reports. Initially, we just wanted to clear the rule up, but that seemed to bring a lot more questions than it solved. For some perspective, this was our initial thought on clearing the rule up: team members wouldn't be allowed to surf on enemies vehicles (so terros with cops or vice versa). For civilians, it would depend. Were they not engaged in any fights with the team, it would be allowed. If you were engaged in a fight (with the same team of the person you're surfing on), it wouldn't be allowed. Now, I think this is already pretty in-depth, but then there would still be "gray zones", such as, when do you consider they're in a fight, should they be shooting back for it to be called a fight, when would you consider it ended, or what if he accidentally damaged someone on the team. And then we didn't even get to the part on how we would punish for it.

      So, instead of making such a rule, we went with a simpler solution, and just making it impossible to surf on a vehicle of the opposing team. Terros can't ride with cops and vice versa, civilians won't be able to ride with terros or cops (it's the same system as with getting in as a passenger). Everyone can still surf if a civilian is the driver. I know that it's not the best solution and will probably cause some frustration, but out of this and making a rule, I think this is the better one. This way, we just make it impossible to do, and admins don't have to interfere. But if you do have a better suggestion on how we can solve this, please let us know!

  • Disabled the sniper object check (checked whether there was an object blocking the sniper shot, in response to this bug: The fix seemed to bring more bugs than it was fixing things, so we disabled it again:

  • Added support for placing races in interiors

  • Fixed a bug with the class balancing (so it now calculates how the balance would be after you reclassed, instead of looking at the current balance)

  • Fixed /monthscore, /topprotect, /topattack

  • Added messages on chainsaw spawning

See you tonight!

Recent downtime and other updates

27 January 2020 20:34

Hey guys,

As everything is pretty much back to normal now, I want to give some more insight on what exactly happened and why the server was down. First of all, I want to apologize for taking this long to make this post (and for the downtime of course), but the last week has been very hectic. My priority has been to fix the server, and there was a lot of bugs that still had to be fixed because of the move. We tried to give the most crucial information through as many communication channels as we have, so people were still able to play while we were working to fix stuff. So, if you're not part of it already, feel free to join our Discord or IRC, you can always reach a staff member there in case of any downtime:

Now, on to what happened. Saturday night, when the server was empty, I tried to do an OS upgrade on the server (where the forum and website also run on), since it was running on a pretty old system. This should have been a pretty straightforward upgrade, and since the test server was already working on the newer OS, I figured it wouldn't be that much hassle. The upgrade went wrong somewhere, and the server couldn't be reached anymore. So, after a while of trying to figure that out, the only solution that was left was to reinstall the server from scratch on the newer version of the OS. That worked, and I even got the SAMP server to start back up, but it wouldn't let any players in. You were able to join the game, but would just time out after a minute. At that point, it was 7am on Sunday, so I decided to go to sleep. On Sunday, I continued to try to figure where the problem was (I'm guessing it's a plugin that wasn't working as it should be, but it would take a long time to figure out exactly which one it is).

At that point, instead of continuing to try to fix that server, we decided to move everything to the test server instead. The test server is already on the updated OS version, and has been running fine. So, we started to set everything back up at the test server instead. That's the reason why our IP changed. We tried to inform as many people through Discord and IRC (and the forums when it was back up), so people who wanted to, could play again. We advised people to connect to as we can point that domain to where the server is. In the meanwhile, we have been able to migrate our original IP to the new server, and you can connect back through the original IP. Again, should still work, as that's pointing to again (it won't work if you have the original IP in your list as well). I've put in a request to change the hosted tab to the original IP again, I'm hoping it will be changed by tomorrow.

For the rest of this week, I've mainly been busy fixing bugs due to the various software upgrades we had now, and setting everything back up the way it used to be. Most of the bugs were web service bugs (website/CP), so if you still spot a bug, please let us know!

We took a backup right before the upgrade on Saturday night, so there shouldn't be any loss of data (meaning: you won't have lost any stats).

Now, on to the updates. It's been a while since I made an update topic, so you'll notice a lot of these have been in the game for a while.

Changes (/updates):
  • Added /changename

    • You can now use /changename to request a nickname change, so you no longer have to wait for an admin to be around to get your name changed. When you request a namechange, level 5s get notified through a messaging app, and can approve/deny it from there. This means we will be able to handle your requests a lot faster, even when we're not around. You can change the requested name using /changename again, or cancel the request with /cancelchangename. You can use /changename (without name) to track the status of your request, and you will get notified once your request has been handled (it checks every time you spawn or type /changename). Keep in mind you can only change your name once a month (unless it's clan tag changes). From now on, this is the only way to get your name changed, admins can no longer change your name.

  • Added interiors: (

    • We have made several interiors accessible in the map. In order to make it balanced enough for the game, we made sure each interior has (at least) 3 entrances. You can find the entrances at the green house icon. Following interiors are accessible:

      • Las Venturas Planning Department

      • Las Venturas Police Department

      • Four Dragons Casino

      • Caligula's Casino

      • Sindacco Abatoir

      • Madd Dogg's Mansion

      • Jefferson Motel

      • Big Smoke's Crack Palace

    • If you have suggestions for more interiors and where to place them, let us know! Please note it has to be big enough to for at least 3 entrances.

  • Removed anti entry abuse since it's no longer necessary with the new damage system.

  • Changed /blockpm: if you have blocked your PMs, you won't be able to send PMs either.

  • Changed balancing: the system now checks if the balance after the requested change would be within limits, instead of checking the current balance.

  • Fixed ban messages and added ban messages for range bans

  • Fixed bug with info messages not displaying (blue messages)

  • Tweaked and fixed various weapon-config bugs, such as snipers going through objects, the vending machine bug, DB bug, ...

What's next

Right now, we're working on integration with Discord. So pretty soon, Discord will be an alternative to IRC, and you will be able to talk ingame through there. As for other updates, there's a very long to-do list (see the suggestions section), so we're counting on your feedback to pick some interesting ones to focus on. So, let us know which suggestions you would like to see ingame, and hopefully we can bring this to the game in the next update!

Update: 19 Apr

19 April 2019 10:37

Hi everyone,

The last few months we have been working on integrating a new damage system. This is something that we've tried a couple of times already, but we always ran into a lot of problems making it work with all of our scripts and systems, and put it aside. Now we've finally found the issue, and sorted it out to make it work.

The damage system we've implemented is called weapon-config (Click for more information). What it does is basically make the health server sided instead of client sided. That means the health and armour you'll see from now on, isn't your real health, but what the server thinks your health is. Basically, you will never actually die or lose health, it's just simulated by the server. If you're using visual mods, such as a custom health indicator, you might notice some 'weird' behaviour with it, but don't worry about that. The new health bar is the only thing that counts from now on.

This damage system introduces a lot of advantages and fixes. First of all, having server sided health, means that health or armour hacks are no longer possible (they won't have any effect). The same goes for any type of damage mods. Being sniper bugged is also not possible anymore. Paused players can now be damaged and killed as well. Any type of wrong shooting data will be rejected by the server automatically (such as out of range shots, shooting too fast, ...). Overall it should just handle damage a lot better than the normal SAMP system.

This did mean we had to change some things in order to make this work. The most notable change will be the pickups. They used to be client sided, but now that's not possible anymore. In order to make them work correctly, we can't 'hide' them anymore after you pick them up (pickups are global, they can't be hidden for just 1 player). Simulating the respawning as it used to (so respawning after moving away a certain distance), is also not possible, since that will require too many checks. So, the solution we have now is putting a timer on it. You can pick up health or armour again after 3 minutes (this is per pickup, so going to another pickup will work).

You'll also notice your hitsounds might have changed, you can update it with /hs (you can turn on taken and given hitsounds now, team hitsounds are no longer possible). For the taken hitsounds, be aware that it's a very subtle sound (it's not broken). We've also added an indicator for spawn protection, as the health will no longer be flashing.

We've been testing it extensively, but there still might be issues or weird things popping up. If you notice a bug or something else, don't hesitate to make a bug report. I know this might not seem like a big update (behind the screens it was), but we hope this will result in a much better fighting experience.

Changes (/updates):

  • Added weapon-config: (

    • Changed health & armour pickup behaviour (each pickup has a 3 minute cooldown now)

    • Changed spawn protection behaviour (added indicator in the top right, health will no longer be flashing)

    • Changed /hs (4 options now: 1. All off - 2. Given on - 3. Taken on - 4. All on)

    • Added /togglefeed (toggles the damage feed on and off)

  • Added messages on spawning weapons

  • Fixed AC bug when spawning weapons