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Server Info

Players: 1/96 (List)
President: None
Map: Flint County

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IRC Info

Server IP: (6667)
Channel: #PlanB, #PlanB.Echo
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Other Info

No DJ at the moment

Frequently Asked Questions

How to be a VIP?


  • 1 VIP Account: € 10,00 (EUR)

Other discounts can be found on the donation page.

VIP Package

  • Pick any class at any time
  • Car tuning commands:
    • Colours: /cc
    • Wheels & hydraulics: /wheel
    • Nitro: /nos (/nitro)
  • Extra weapons
    • Katana: /kata
    • Rifle: /rifle
  • All-in-one command: tune your car and get chainsaw and sniper: /vipme
  • Change your skin to any skin you want (/vskin) and keep it so you'll always spawn with that skin (/saveskin and /resetskin)
  • Special chat command: /vsay
  • VIP Chat
  • VIP status on forums that grants you access to a VIP board
  • Voice on IRC so you can chat in the VIP chat ingame

How to buy VIP?

First of all, you have to be registered ingame before you can buy VIP (/register). Once you've done that, you can login with your ingame name and password at the webpanel. From there, click on the shopping cart icon on the top right and it will take you to the VIP page. Select your option, and fill in the required fields. If you pick more than one VIP account, make sure you add all account names. Upon buying VIP, you agree to the terms stated below. VIP is usually set within 24 hours but sometimes it can take up to 48 hours.


Once purchased, you stay VIP forever. It cannot be taken away and it cannot be transferred to another account. Being VIP does not distinguish you from other regular members, that means you will be treated the same. If you break rules, you will get banned. If you get permanently banned, you will lose access to your account and thus to the VIP tied to it. Also, being permanently banned means you are no longer eligible for a refund on your purchase.

How to be an admin?

There is no direct route to become an admin. You cannot buy your membership in the Staff team.

However, you are still able to become a moderator when the applications are open and if you meet the requirements. Before applying to be a moderator, you should be very active and have good game knowledge otherwise your chances of being picked are quite low. There are mod applications every 3 months, you can read more about being a mod here.

How to create a forum account?

Firstly, go to the forum and click on 'Register' in the top left corner. Next, click 'I accept the terms of the agreement'. Thirdly, fill in the information, as required and click 'Register'. An admin will approve your account and you will be notified via email

How to make a ban appeal?

First, go to the forum and click on 'Ban Appeals'. Next, click on 'How to post a unban appeal'. After that, read through the text and copy the text under the small heading of 'Code'. This is the layout that must be used for your ban appeal otherwise it will be rejected. Finally, click 'New Topic' (View the second picture if you missed it, blue arrow), paste the layout and fill in the information. You can then click post and wait for an admin to reply, this will be done within 48 hours.

How to post a report?

First, go to the forum and click on 'Reports'. Next, click on the 'How to post a report' topic. After that, click 'Select' and copy the text, this layout has to be used when posting a report against another player. Now, go back and click 'New Topic', paste the layout and fill out of the information. Finally, click 'Post'.

How to get new weapons?

In this server, you cannot buy any weapons. However, there are additional weapons that can be received by using /holiday eng or /holiday esp (once in 3 minutes you get 3 grenades and a country rifle with 250 ammo), /sniper (sniper rifle with 250 ammo) and /saw (a chainsaw).

Also, there are additional grenade pickups at the question mark signs on the maps.

How to get a Hydra?

NSA, North San Andreas, is the only map which has the Hydra. They are located in the big aircraft hangar in Las Venturas Airport and in Bayside next to the cop spawn.

Which mods are allowed?

Client sided mods that do not give you or any other player an advantage are allowed. Essentially, visual mods that only affect the game aesthetically are allowed and all of the others are not. For example, visual weapon mods or new HUDs are allowed as they are only visual and nobody gains an advantage.