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Players: 9/96 (List)
President: None
Map: West Venturas

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Server IP: (6667)
Channel: #PlanB, #PlanB.Echo
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No DJ at the moment


Update: 28 Dec

28 December 2018 09:17

Hi everyone,

A lot of changes have been made to the script since the last update topic, so this topic contains an overview of it.


Best wishes for 2019!

Crashes.asi is no longer allowed

30 August 2018 14:34

Hi everyone,

We recently received some reports relating to players not taking fall damage. Upon further investigation, we found out that the mod crashes.asi (also known as 'crashfix') was causing this. This mod has a bug due to which players won't receive fall damage in certain cases. From our tests, the bug seemed to happen at random, and there wasn't really a 'trick' you could perform to exploit this bug. So, we've discussed it among admins, and decided to no longer allow the use of this mod, since it could give players an advantage, as proven by the reports we got. We won't actively be looking for it, since we don't have a way to detect if you have it installed or not, but if you do not take fall damage due to this we will simply treat it as health hacking. This rule change goes into effect right now, but we will give people some time to adapt to this, and stick with a warning in the first month, until 30 September 2018. After that, we will treat not taking fall damage due to this mod as health hacking.

Update: 18 Jul

18 July 2018 13:39

Hi everyone,

A lot of time has passed since the last update topic, so a lot has changed in the meanwhile. This topic is a list of all changes since the last topic (, so you might see some things that have been in the server for a while. The biggest change is probably the scoring system, that's why I found it important to post it now, explaining how exactly it works. It's not completely finished, so some things might still change, and we're looking for your feedback and suggestions on it.


  • Added scoring system (Use /togglescores to toggle the score display on the left side of your screen)

    • How to earn scores:

      • Killed President: score given to the terrorist that killed the President.

        • Calculation: Terrorist gets 5 points for every minute the President survived. So the longer the President survived when you kill him, the higher your score will be.

      • Protected President: Points given when killing someone who attacked (damaged) the President

        • Calculation: 5 points if you're within 50 distance of the President, 3 points if you're within 300 distance of the President.

      • Minutes survived: Score the President gets when he gets killed.

        • Calculation: President gets 5 points for every minute he survived (so similar as the score the terro earns for killing him).

      • Kill: Points given for getting a kill

        • Calculation: 2 points if it's within 300 distance (streaming distance) of the President, 4 points if it's within 50 distance.

      • President kill assist: Points given to Terrorists for getting a kill assist

        • The kill assist will equal half of the points the Terrorist that kills the president receives (See: Killed President score).

      • Kill assist: Score given for getting a kill assist

        • Calculation: Half the points of a normal kill.

      • Survived: Score the President receives when surviving

        • Calculation: 150 points for surviving.

      • President survived: Score the securities earn when the President survives

        • Calculation: Based on your vicinity score explained below, this score will be calculated. If you were in the vicinity of the president the entire 15 minutes, you will gain 75 score (this is the maximum). This score will be a ratio of the time you were in the vicinity of the President (so 75 maximum if you were in the vicinity the entire round, or 0 minimum if you weren't close to the President the entire round).

      • Close to president: The system will count every second you are in the vicinity (within 50 distance) of the President. For every minute you have been in the vicinity of the President, the security will gain 1 score.
      • Minutes survived: Bonus the security receives when a President gets killed

        • This is again based on the vicinity ratio explained above, instead here it will be influenced by the time the President survived. The maximum will be increased by 5 points for every minute the President survives.

      • Chasing President: Bonus for Terrorists for chasing the President (being within 50 distance of the President)

        • Terrorists will gain 1 score for every minute chasing.

      • Chase bonus: Bonus for the Terrorists when the President gets killed

        • This is calculated on the time spent chasing the President, with a maximum of 50 when you chased the President the entire round.

  • Added top round scores box

    • It appears at the end of every map and presents the scores of all players having more than zero points.

  • Added world boundaries on the map and minimap (

  • Removed spree system (

  • Added VIP balance limit (

    • VIPs will no longer be able to unlimitly reclass, there will be an upper limit enforced now, so the balance doesn't get completely thrown off. The upper limit is now set at 70%, which means that if more than 70% of the team players (meaning Security+Police+SWAT+Terrorists) is in one team (either protecting or attacking team), that team will get locked and you will no longer be able to reclass to that team, until the imbalance goes below 70% again.

  • Changed vehicle spawn healths (

    • Vehicles in pres spawn are now 'armoured vehicles', which means they will spawn with 2000 health instead of 1000.

  • Changed security spawn armour to 100

    • We added this as we noticed a lot of securities would go to armour straight after they spawned, and get caught up in fights there.

  • Added /h(elp)

    • Players can now ask questions regarding the game mode to online staff members using this command.

  • Added /bpm answer mode

    • After receiving a message from the PTPBOT, you're now able to answer on it.

  • No fly zone to sync with pres spawn zone (

    • This means the No fly zone will disappear if the President camps in his spawn for longer than a minute

  • Disabled team chat on IRC (

  • Added ignoring IRC to /ignoreall (

  • Added anti carjacking when President is a passenger (

  • Auto kick vice from vehicle when President is already in the vehicle

  • /ignore is now saved (if you /ignore a registered player, you will permanently ignore him, even when you reconnect, until you /unignore him) (

  • Added death evasion system on joining races (

  • Added death evasion protection for animations

  • Removed air camping punishment (

  • Fixed anim bug on entering vehicle (

  • Fixed duel interior bug (

  • Fixed SWAT skin bug (

  • Fixed dying on mapchange bug (

  • Fixed wrong spawn after duel (

  • Added ability to send duel invites to multiple people (

  • Added ignoring bullets when C-Bugging

    • Some people were still able to use CBug by doing it really fast (so they were able to shoot a couple of times before the anti C-bug message appeared). These bullets that were fired in quick succession are now disabled and won't do any damage.

  • Disabled /rc in races (

  • Added class balance fixes (

  • Fixed /saveskin on forbidden skins (president skins)

  • Fixed /radio24 4

  • Fixed RC texture bug (Thanks to Carg) (

  • Fixed RC bridge bug (Thanks to Cobra) (

  • Fixed LS texture bug (Thanks to Carg) (

  • Fixed SF texture bug (Thanks to Carg) (